LocationGuelph, ON
Size/Type2100mm x 1500mm RCB (and smaller), 2500 CMP, 2500mm RCP, 1200mm x 1200mm RCB
Drain TypeCreekwater/Stormwater
FeaturesGrafitti, limestone wall, old RCB tunnels, old stone tunnel
AOTU Rating
Discovered ByLocal Kids
First Documented
Angles of the Underground
AOTU Members present for exploration:
Umbra & Ignavus

Friends of AOTU present: PooPoo Magoo & Kaptain Kill

Photographs by: Umbra & Ignavus

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Carrying the rements of Pond Creek, the modest outfall for Royal Prophecy had us wondering if it was worth our time. Like Stick the Dealer this drain starts with a small RCB, and after a back-breaking walk, it opens up. One path is a large CMP, the other a small RCB slide that leads upwards to unknown passages. We followed the CMP first which lead to a sewage pipe encased in concrete. In this section of the drain, scrawlings of wisdom, prophecy, and equations of grandeur are written about. Following up the RCP a long way it finally shrinks in size, but a side pipe connects to a two storey chamber with a small tunnel above. This leads to an old CMP full of sediment. Heading back out, we had a look up the RCB slide and discovered an old limestone wall, and another square RCB tunnel. Following this back-breaker we end up at an old stone archway. The archway runs for only 50m and the RCB continues, but here ended our journey for the day.
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