LocationToronto, ON
Size/Type3000mm RCB, 1800mm RCP
Drain TypeStormwater
Features2m ramps, 3m waterfalls
AOTU Rating
Discovered ByAngels of the Underground
First Documented
AOTU Members present for exploration:
Umbra & Phaedrus

Friends of AOTU present: none

Photographs by: Umbra

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In the early days of the AOTU, drains that didnít require crawling were unheard of and to us just didnít exist. Although the Mimico Creek drain isnít the biggest nowadays, it was certainly the largest we had ever been in at the time and opened our minds to what might be hiding under Toronto. Many years later in 2004, at OPEX 94, Umbra hosted a drain tour of the Mimico Creek drain for visitors from all over our planet. It showcased the drains different shapes, sizes and interesting slide construction to overcome the change in elevation as the drain heads towards Mimico Creek
Latest Trip: Umbra leads Opex 94 event
Older Trips
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