LocationToronto, ON 
Size/Type2400mm RCP 
Drain TypeStormwater / Access shaft 
FeaturesStaircase to nowhere 
AOTU Rating
Discovered By?? 
First Documented
AOTU Members present for first exploration:
Umbra, Sid, & Infestix

AOTU Members present for additional explorations:
Umbra, Rico, Ignavus, & K00PS

Photographs by: Umbra & Ignavus

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The South Humber tunnels are two separate tunnels sharing their layout and proximity. Both are large 2400mm RCPs that wind west from the Humber River. They are arguably not really drains, but are simple access tunnels only to provide access to a sewage pipe via a bolted hatch on the floor. To reach the hatch you must ascend a two flight staircase and this is definitely the most interesting feature of the tunnels. The differences between the two are obviously the outfalls. The Southern outfall is just a simple swinging gate but the Northern tunnel has a very elaborate vault door entrance. It's usually locked tight, but has been known to be left open once in a while...
Tunnel 01 (Northern) - The Hatch :: Latest Trip
Tunnel 02 (Southern):: Latest Trip
Old Trips (circa 1999)
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