LocationToronto, ON
Size/Type1500mm-1200mm RCP, RCB, Brick Arch
Drain TypeStormwater
Length?km -explored 1.2km
FeaturesOld brick arches
AOTU Rating
Discovered ByAngles of the Underground
First Documented
Angles of the Underground
AOTU Members present for exploration:
Umbra & Phaedrus

Friends of AOTU present: none

Photographs by: Umbra

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One of the first AOTU drains, Bumpy Bridge, gets its name from the Humber bike path bridge that crosses the river just south of it. Itís a very small, very old drain that takes its toll on anyone taller than 4 feet. If you meet this criteria (midget, dwarf, etc) or love pushing through small spaces you will be rewarded with lots of pipe shape and size variety.
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