LocationEtobicoke, ON
Size/Type3000mm RCP, 1800mm RCP
Drain TypeStormwater
FeaturesLarge waterfall, sediment ponds
AOTU Rating
Discovered ByAOTU
First Documented
AOTU Members present for exploration:
Umbra, Phaedrus & Rico

Friends of AOTU present: none

Photographs by: Umbra

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Of all the drains the Angels of the Underground have been to over the years, this has to be the most disappointing. The excitement was unbearable when we saw this grand outfall but all hopes and dreams were smashed once further investigation was underway. The huge 3000mm RCP only travels 15 metres from the outfall when it ends abruptly in a large waterfall. This is all fine and dandy, it's at the top of the waterfall where the problems begin. The pipe is much smaller than the main pipe and it barely travels more than a metre to where a large sediment ponds pours into it. Big disappointment.
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