LocationToronto, ON
Size/Type2000mm x 1600mm RCB, 1800mm Arch, 1900mm RCP
Drain TypeStormwater
FeaturesDeep outfall, with curved ramp, large square manhole shafts
AOTU Rating
Discovered ByAngels of the Underground
First Documented
Angels of the Underground
AOTU Members present for exploration:
Umbra & Phaedrus

Friends of AOTU present: none

Photographs by: Umbra
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Lying in the southern reaches of Etobicoke Creek, Old Hoser is a drain named for the numerous elderly gentlemen roaming the creek’s various paths. This drain, which is one of the earlier built ones on Etobicoke Creek, has an outfall that empties into a particularly deep part of the creek with a small slippery concrete slope to contend with. After navigating the slope, 1800mm arched tunnel presents itself. After many metres of lovely arched pipe, the drain transitions into slightly larger RCP which carries on a while, also decreasing in size.
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