A.K.A.Northumberland Paper and Electric Company / Ontario Electric Power Commission / Breithaupt Leather / A. R. Clarke & Co.
LocationCampbellford, ON
Built1883 / 1916
StatusActive (privately owned)
SizeMain plant (partially collapsed), warehouse, pump house
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Photographs by: Ignavus

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Originally opened as a Paper Mill, the Campbellford Tannery has had many uses over the years. Operating as a mill, it produced tarpaper, boxboard, and egg crates. A generator was installed in 1886, and by 1888, two water turbines were installed to increase power. In 1895 the mill went bankrupt and changed hands, 1907 sold off again, and in 1910 had a major fire. Rebuilt in 1916, including the warehouse, blacksmith shop and pump house. The paper mill eventually closed in 1939, and was used as a cement block factory briefly, but by 1946, Breithaupt Leather bought the buildings and converted them to a tannery and finishing factory. The tannery ran for another 30 years before closing its doors, and in the 1980's the land was sold privately. A flea market briefly ran during the 1990's.
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